Friday, August 1, 2008

Critique in Biag ni Lam-ang

Biag ni Lam-ang is a story of a boy who has a super natural strength. A myth and a fictitious one. A story where in some of the cultural practices of Ilocano are reflected and possess by the characters. Lam-ang is a brave person. A son of Don Juan Panganiban and Namongan. A husband of Ines Kannoyan. Don Juan Panganiban is an arrogant and a brave man. A father of Lam-ang. Namongan is the mother of Lam-ang and an understandable and loving mother and wife. Ines Kannoyan is the wife of Lam-ang. Daugther of one of the richest man of the town in Kalanutian. The dog and the roaster are the friends of Lam-ang and he used them in his magic. Sumarang is the enemy of Lam-ang on his way to Kalanutian and Sarindang is the one who tried to seduce Lam-ang. The setting of the story is in tribe, where in their living is hunting animals,wearing a "bahag" and their house is like a tent. They plot of the story is when Lam-ang left his mother to look after his father and to found out the Igorots who killed his father. On his way to Kalanutian, he find the girl he loves and they got married.
Some of the values that I get from the story are the following...being brave,friendly,lovable son and have an own beliefs,decision and "paninindigan" in his life. He care for his parents specially with his father who are not their in his side and have a good heart. He loves animals that's why they are very close of his animal Friends. A wonderful story that will give entertainment to the readers,containing values and can relate to the living and characteristics of Ilocanos. The character of Lam-ang represent the qualities that Ilocano have, however some words are hard to understand especially if you are not Ilocano. It is hard to pronounced some words if you don't have an idea with the dialect of Ilocano people.

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